What are the new skill moves in FIFA 19?

What are the new skill moves in FIFA 19?

Nine new skill moves have been added to FIFA 19. Some of these are minor improvements on old ones, while others including Neymar’s Rainbow Flick, the Franck Ribery Flick and Andreas Iniesta’s La Croqueta are all new and can be game-changing if used correctly. FIFA 19 is released worldwide on Friday, September 28.

What is La Croqueta skill move in FIFA 19?

La Croqueta is a new skill move to FIFA 19 that was popularised by Andrés Iniesta and has been requested by many in the FIFA community for a while now. Learn how to do La Croqueta skill move in FIFA 19 to enable you to skip past your opponents with ease. It can only be performed by players with 4 or 5 star skills.

What is La Croqueta and how does it work?

La Croqueta opens up space and allows you to better position yourself to make a pass or to wait until your other players are in position to attack, either with hold-up play or a more traditional cutback.

How do you move the ball in FIFA 20?

You need to hold it to either the right or left of the player with the ball, depending on which direction you want your player to move the ball. We’ve listed all inputs for Xbox One/ Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Switch below: