What can you do with FIFA 11 configuration utility?

What can you do with FIFA 11 configuration utility?

Although you might not see it at first, FIFA 11 includes a separate configuration utility application through which you can change display settings, video resolution, map keyboard keys, controller and audio settings.

How do you switch controls when defending in FIFA 20?

Select ON or OFF to show which player you’ll swap controls with while defending using the LB button on the controller. The default is set to On. Select ON or OFF to enable or disable AI controlled players and User controlled players will from attempting to intercept a pass automatically when the ball is close by. The default is set to On.

How do you map controls in FIFA 11 on PC?

FIFA 11/Game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe and click on Game Settings, there click on in-Game Keyboard tab and you will see controls mapping like the screenshot below. Now, which button to assign for what? first you will need to know which button corresponds to what. For that see the controller help below.

How to install FIFA 11 on Windows 10?

This can be accessed from the start menu (Games –> FIFA11-> Game Settings) – in case you didn’t get the start menu entry, follow the steps below to launch the configuration utility. Navigate to FIFA 11 installation directory on your hard disk.