What does CDM mean in football?

What does CDM mean in football?

Let’s get started then! CDM is the short-form abbreviation for Central Defensive Midfielder. A player fulfilling this position generally stays between the defensive and midfield lines, sitting in front of the former and shielding it from opposition threats by attempting to make interceptions and tackles, as well as recycling possession when needed.

Should a CDM be a CB or a cam?

I think its more sensible for a cdm to be a cb then a cdm being a cam or striker which shouldnt be allowed IMO. Always thought players should have their own few possible positions and position cards can only change them to those positions and without the current restrictions.

Can you play CDM as a striker?

For example, Mascherano can play CDM and CB. Apply the position change card and select CDM. David Luiz as Striker too, CBs could be STR which is unlikely in real life. I always wondered why there wasn’t a RW>ST or RM>CM option. Well i used to use David Luiz last year and sometimes he did play as a striker lol.

Who is the best CDM player in FIFA 21?

CDM players usually help the defenders in their team for defenses. Among Center Defensive Midfielders, Carlos Henrique Venancio Casimiro has the highest FIFA 21 rating followed by Joshua Kimmich in second and N’Golo Kanté in third.