What happened to Liverpool in the 1986 European Cup Winners'Cup?

What happened to Liverpool in the 1986 European Cup Winners’Cup?

They had qualified to compete in the 1985–86 European Cup Winners’ Cup, as the Heysel disaster involving Liverpool and Juventus fans at the European Cup final 11 days later resulted in all English clubs being banned from European competitions for an indefinite period. The ban would not be lifted until 1990.

What happened in the 1984/85 season at Manchester United?

The 1984–85 season was Manchester United ‘s 83rd season in the Football League, and their 10th consecutive season in the top division of English football. They defeated Everton 1–0 in the FA Cup Final to win the trophy for the sixth time, and finished fourth in the league.

Who won the UEFA Cup in 1985?

The 1985–86 UEFA Cup was the 15th season of the UEFA Cup, an annual club football tournament organised by UEFA. It was won by Real Madrid, who beat 1. FC Köln 5–3 on aggregate in the final.

Who won the European Cup Winners’Cup in 1984?

The 1984–85 season of the European Cup Winners’ Cup was won by Everton in the final against Rapid Wien . Everton also won the English Football League that season and would therefore have entered the European Cup the following season.