What is a wildcard in fantasy football?

What is a wildcard in fantasy football?

In fantasy football, a wildcard is something that facilitates unlimited transfers without incurring penalties. Ordinarily, in the official Fantasy Premier League game, users are given one free transfer a week (which rolls over only once) and each subsequent transfer incurs a penalty of minus four points.

What is a wildcard in FPL?

In the Official Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game, the Wildcard is the most powerful chip we have at our disposal. A Wildcard allows you to make unlimited changes to your team without incurring any point hits.

What is the Fantasy Premier League wildcard chip?

The Fantasy Premier League wildcard chip gives you unlimited transfers for the game week. It stops you from receiving the transfer penalty for that week. You can activate it before you make the transfers or after you make the transfers. Usually, when you make more than your designated one free transfer per week, you incur a penalty of -4 points.

What are the wildcard and limitless wildcard in the Champions League?

Unlike Fantasy Premier League, the Champions League version of fantasy football has two separate types of wildcard – the traditional one and the Limitless Wildcard. What is a ‘Wildcard’ and ‘Limitless Wildcard? Each of these can be used once in a season and their definitions are as follows as per the official rules: