What is FIFA 19 and should you play it?

What is FIFA 19 and should you play it?

FIFA 19 ushers in a new year of football for fans of franchise. If you’re into football (or soccer, if you will), then Fifa’s yearly installments have probably provided you with a ridiculous amount of fun over the years.

Do you play player Career mode in FIFA?

I have played player career mode in every FIFA since FIFA 13. I have had plenty of fun creating my own superstars and imaginary icon stories. However, with this years FIFA every single game has been a chore to get through and the player career mode has just become plain annoying. Here are a few reasons why:

Do you feel like a young prodigy when you play FIFA?

It really doesn’t feel like "starting as a young prodigy" when you play your first game at the age of 20 or 21. This needs to be fixed and preferably during this FIFA. I noticed this in the previous FIFA but thought that it was only a glitch.

What are the best defensive moves in FIFA 19?

It’s also a crucial move in Fifa 19’s defensive toolkit. Hold down the left shoulder button, and use your defenders to prester the strikers and wingers who are all up in your final third. This is particularly good if you’re controlling a player with a high strength rating.