What is the FIFA 21 futties event?

What is the FIFA 21 futties event?

FUTTIES event celebrates the best of everything in FUT 21 by bringing back some of your favourite player items, objectives and SBCs from throughout the year. The FUTTIES Event was released for the first ever in FIFA 15.

What is a *session day in FIFA 21?

*Session Days are defined as logging in at least once into FIFA Ultimate Team or the FIFA Ultimate Team Companion App during a 24 hour period. There will also be two additional opportunities to earn rewards based on how many times you log in over the course of the FUT 21 FUTTIES campaign.

What is the FIFA 21 promotion?

This campaign commemorates the best of what was already released during this FIFA 21 cycle—and launches some new content, too. Player engagement will be essential during this promotion with the FUTTIES Player Pick Fan Votes and the FUTTIES Derby Day Team Event Voting. FUTTIES.

When do FIFA FIFA futties end?

The FUTTIES have no set end date, but EA did confirm that they will last at least five weeks. Since the huge promotional event began on July 15, FIFA players can expect the event to end sometime mid August. Most likely in-between the dates of Aug. 16-18.