What is the FIFA ranking of Palestine?

What is the FIFA ranking of Palestine?

The team reached an all-time high position of 73rd in the FIFA ranking in February 2018 after not losing any game since early 2016. Palestine’s first title was the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup. The country also qualified for the 2019 Asian Cup . Following their readmission by FIFA,…

When did Palestine play its first international football match?

While the Palestinian Football Association was established in 1928, the first international match played by Palestine was an 8–1 defeat away to Egypt in 1953. The last game saw Palestine lose to Libya 5–2, to finish bottom of the group. At the 1965 Pan Arab Games, Palestine were grouped with Aden, Iraq, Lebanon and the United Arab Republic.

How did Palestine qualify for the World Cup?

Palestine has yet to qualify for the World Cup. They first qualified for the Asian Cup in May 2014, after beating the Philippines 1–0 in the AFC Challenge Cup final. At the finals in Australia, they were eliminated in the group stage.

Who is Palestine football team governed by?

The squad is governed by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) continentally, and FIFA worldwide. While Palestine is yet to qualify for the World Cup, they have participated twice in the Asian Cup: in 2015, after winning the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup, and 2019, their first time through regular qualification.