What is the Fortnite Cup?

What is the Fortnite Cup?

So, you don’t have to dig through it all by yourself, we’ve summarized all the important details about the Fortnite Cup here. In this event, there are cash prizes to be won and it is open to Champion League players only. This tournament consists of only one round! So good luck the competition will be fierce. The Cup is played in trio mode.

How much money do you get for winning a Fortnite tournament?

The Fortnite tournament varies by region, although the top-performing player in all locations will earn a portion of the $50,000 prize pool. Regardless of how you place, you’ll earn the Winner’s Cup Emoticon if you manage to get 10 points during the tournament and the Kick It!

Is a Fortnite X UEFA collaboration coming in June?

BREAKING: A Fortnite X UEFA collaboration was announced by UEFA today!An "UEFA EURO 2020" Cup will be playable on June 16 & 17! Players will be able to earn prize money as well as currently unknown In-Game rewards! (Thanks to @Fortnite_STW for telling me about this!)

How to participate in the Fortnite UEFA Euro Cup?

Gamers can participate irrespective of their Arena Mode rank. The event will be available on June 16th. Loopers can see the Fortnite UEFA Euro Cup in the in-game Compete tab. Gamers can participate in the event when the session goes live on the respective servers.