What is the highest FIFA 22 player rating in packs?

What is the highest FIFA 22 player rating in packs?

It has been revealed that FIFA 22 players will now be given at least an 84 rated player or higher in 100k packs as well as an 83+ rated player or higher in a 50k pack. The gaming community got their best glimpse at FIFA 22 on Monday 20th September 2021 as content creators were allowed to play the game, and the hype is now at an all time high.

How much does it cost to buy FIFA packs?

One thing that would frustrate the FIFA community in older games was the fact that you would pay 50,000 or 100,000 coins for big packs. If you were buying these packs with real money it would cost around £10-15.

What is the Jumbo rare players pack in FIFA 22?

For those who do not know, the 100k pack, which is called the Jumbo Rare Players Pack is a very popular promo pack that can be found in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. It includes 24 gold players, all rare, and players will receive at least one player with a rating of at least 83 or higher. Jumbo Rare Player packs are expensive.