What is the official language of FIFA 19?

What is the official language of FIFA 19?

This is the official FIFA 19 Language downloaded from Origin. All credits & thanks to Hiroshi for this release. العربية ( Arabic ), Português (BR), Deutsch (DE), English (US), Español (ES), Français (FR), Italiano (IT), Japanese (JA), Español (MX), Nederlands (NL), Polski (PL), Russian (RU)

What happens when you change the commentary language in FIFA 22?

By changing the Commentary Language, it will change the language that the Commentators use into one of the Languages spoken widely in your region. For Example, Canada will have English, French, and Spanish as the language options. This was all about changing Languages in FIFA 22.

How do I change the language of my game?

Finally, the last way to change language is through your settings. From the HOME menu go to CUSTOMIZE. In CUSTOMIZE you will see the SETTINGS button, click it. Under SETTINGS, hover over the GAME SETTINGS. This will show a Scrollable Icon with a Key or Button. When you scroll the GAME SETTINGS, It will change to LANGUAGE SELECT.

How to change the language of MyMy FIFA 19?

My FIFA 19 is a Japanese version. The Japanese version can use all text and commentary languages. There are three language settings related to game play. 2. Flag selection after starting FIFA 19 3. CUSTOMISE >> SETTINGS >> FIFA 19 >> GAME SETTINGS >> AUDIO >> Commentary Language 1. Brazil >> 2. English >> 3. Brazil or English 1. Brazil >> 2.