What is the UEFA ticket platform?

What is the UEFA ticket platform?

This platform will enable fans to safely purchase tickets from other fans, through an official UEFA sales channel. This eliminates the risk of acquiring invalid or fraudulent tickets and ensures that sellers receive their money in full. © 1998-2022 UEFA.

What is the date of the European Championships?

The European Championships (EURO) 2020 were postponed by one year as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and took place in 11 different nations across Europe from June 11 to July 11, 2021. Prices vary according to UEFA predetermined categories based on seating configurations of each stadium.

When do the 2020 UEFA Euros take place?

The 2020 UEFA Euros will be held from June 12-July 12, 2020. Buy tickets to the 2020 UEFA Euro soccer matches on StubHub and experience one of the top sporting events in the world live. UEFA Euro 2020 Countries

How many ticket categories will Euro 2020 tickets be offered in?

The source adds the following information: "Tickets will be offered in three price categories for UEFA EURO 2020. The application of such principles outlined below is dependent on the seating configuration of each stadium."