What year did Mexico win World Cup soccer?

What year did Mexico win World Cup soccer?

Sunday marked the 50th anniversary of the 1970 World Cup final–the end of the Jules Rimet Trophy, Pelé’s third and final title and the conclusion of a transformative tournament in Mexico.

How many times have Mexico played in the World Cup?

The Mexico national soccer team has made it into the FIFA World Cup 14 times — including this upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil — and it’s one of only six teams to have successfully qualified consecutively since the 1994 World Cup, which was played in the US.

When did Mexico host the World Cup?

With today’s selection, Mexico, which staged the 1970 World Cup, becomes the first nation to play host to the tournament twice.

How many world cups does Mexico have?

How Many World Cups Has Mexico Won? As of June 2014, Mexico has never won a FIFA World Cup. Mexico has made 15 appearances in FIFA World Cups. Mexico has participated in the world cup since its inception in 1930, but has not always qualified for the final stages. Since the first world cup in 1930, when there was no qualification, every …