When does FIFA 22’s token event end?

When does FIFA 22’s token event end?

Let’s take a look at every Token available in the game and all of the rewards you’ll be able to claim before the event ends on July 25. These are all of the Tokens currently available in FIFA 22. We will update this list as more Tokens are added and other Tokens expire.

What is FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s Iconi con swaps 2?

I con Swaps 2 is now live in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team! That means EA Sports is offering a range of grindable rewards including Icon players, packs and picks, as well as those ever-so-tempting heavyweight fodder packs, which are almost guaranteed to net you walkouts and special cards from whichever promotion is running when you open them.

How many FIFA 21 icon swaps tokens do you get?

The first set of FIFA 22 Icon Swaps 2 objectives earn a maximum of nine FIFA 21 Icon Swaps tokens, split across FUT Friendly and Squad Battles matches. You have until Monday, March 21 to complete them all.

What are the summer swaps in FIFA 22?

In FIFA 22 there is a new token system once again: the Summer Swaps. When, where, how you can get the tokens in FUT, which rewards you can exchange them for and all other important info you can find right here.