When does the 2022 UEFA Nations League start?

When does the 2022 UEFA Nations League start?

Draw and match dates, who’s playing who, how it works. The third edition of the UEFA Nations League will kick off in June 2022 with the Finals scheduled for the same month a year later.

How will the Nations League pay teams?

Every team that competes in the Nations League will receive solidarity payments from UEFA and bonus payments will be made to teams based on their performances.

What is the UEFA Nations League?

UEFA’s newest national-team competition is into its second edition; find out all you need to know. The UEFA Nations League is a national-team competition that replaces friendlies with competitive matches, allowing nations to play against equally-ranked teams.

When do League a teams qualify for the Nations League finals?

The four group winners of the top-ranked League A qualify for the UEFA Nations League Finals in June 2021. For the remaining sides, there is promotion and relegation to play for.