When will FIFA 22 be available on Xbox Game Pass?

When will FIFA 22 be available on Xbox Game Pass?

FIFA 22will be available on Xbox Game Pass on June 23, Microsoft announced Tuesday. As initially leaked in April, and later announced by Electronic Arts on June 14, FIFA 22 is joining The Play List for EA Play, meaning that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members will soon have free access to the full as well. "when are these games coming"

Is FIFA on EA Play coming to Game Pass?

While not everything on EA Play is available for Game Pass, FIFA games since 2020 have been made available a couple of months after its release. There is no official confirmation at the time of this writing, so take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

What games are coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2022?

Xbox has officially revealed its final entries for Xbox Game Pass in June 2022, and it’ll include the likes of FIFA 22, Shadowrun Trilogy, Total War: Three Kingdoms (PC), and Naraka: Bladepoint. Far Cry 5 is also now set it hit the service very soon on July 1 as well. We had already gotten a small preview into what’s on its way for Xbox Game Pass.

What are the new features of FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 has a host of new features and upgrades, with a lot of reworks to mechanics and systems as well. FIFA 22 Division Rivals has seen a big rework with new mechanics and rewards and FIFA 22 HyperMotion aims to elevate the game on next-gen platforms.