Where are the best places to scout for job opportunities?

Where are the best places to scout for job opportunities?

You say the best places to scout are generally the top regions, and you’ll see that that is reflected in the table. In most cases, either Brazil/Argentina, Italy/Spain/Portugal or Central Europe (i.e. the three best regions) have the highest percentage points.

How do you get a player’s rating from a scout?

Select a player you like and tap on “Ask [scout name] to Scout [player]”. After a few days, you’ll receive a full scouting report on the player, with his ratings revealed.

How do I find the best scouts?

When looking for new scouts, you can sort them by either Experience or Judgement to find the best candidates. A scout with a higher Judgement rating will find better quality players while a scout with high Experience will generate a larger pool of players.

What are FIFA 22 Scout Networks and scout instructions?

There are two very important aspects of scouting in FIFA 22: scout networks and scout instructions. Networks will allow you to expand your scouting knowledge and cover more regions to find talent from around the world. Instructions are used to find specific types of players, certain positions, young prospects/veterans, etc.