Where can I find World Cup 2002 results?

Where can I find World Cup 2002 results?

World Cup 2002 results, Football World – Flashscore World Cup 2002 results page on Flashscore.com offers results, World Cup 2002 standings and match details. World Cup 2002 results, standings

Who were the sponsors of the 2002 World Cup?

After the tournament, FIFA published a ranking of all teams that competed in the 2002 World Cup finals based on progress in the competition, overall results and quality of the opposition. [66] The sponsors of the 2002 FIFA World Cup are divided into two categories: FIFA World Cup Sponsors and South Korea and Japan Supporters. [67] [68] Yahoo!

Which city did not host a match in the 1974 World Cup?

^ Bonn which did not host a match for the 1974 FIFA World Cup was the de facto Seat of government of host West Germany, but not its official de jure capital. Berlin, the traditional capital of Germany did host matches.

What were the cultural events of the 2002 FIFA World Cup?

The official FIFA cultural event of the 2002 World Cup was a flag festival called Poetry of the Winds. [88] Held in Nanjicheon Park, an area of the World Cup Park close to the stadium, [89] [90] Poetry of the Winds was exhibited from 29 May to 25 June in order to wish success upon the World Cup and promote a festive atmosphere.