Who are the SBCs in FIFA 21?

Who are the SBCs in FIFA 21?

Later SBCs included Cristian Tello (RM, Real Betis, 87), Wendell (LB, Leverkusen, 86), Leroy Fer (CDM, Feyenoord, 85), and Adam Armstrong (ST, Blackburn, 85). FIFA 21 What If: is there a complete card list?

What is a what if card in FIFA 20?

They represent boosted versions of players such as Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante, who jumps from an 88-rated base gold item to a 91-rated What If special card, with stats such as 81 pace, 87 physicality and 89 defending.

What is FIFA 21 what if and how does it work?

FIFA 21 What If adds a cunning twist to real-life performances and results. The spring FIFA 21 campaign sees the likes of N’Golo Kante and Kevin Mbabu score in-game upgrades – so long as their actual club achieves a pre-set target across five matches. How does it work, what do the cards cost, and where can you see a full list of players?

Who is in FIFA 21 what if Team 2?

FIFA 21 What If Team 2 arrived on Friday 5 March, and has been added to the complete player list at the foot of this page. Highlights include Dries Mertens (CF, Napoli, 89) and Sergio Reguilon (LB, Tottenham, 87). At that point Mbabu, Sancho and the rest of FIFA 21 What If Team 1 were rotated out of packs.