Who are the sponsors of the FC Barcelona women's team?

Who are the sponsors of the FC Barcelona women’s team?

The club hired Fran Sánchez in his place, and that summer signed multiple big names in international football- namely Lieke Martens, Toni Duggan, and Élise Bussaglia, amongst others. In the 2018-19 season, Barcelona signed a shirt sponsor deal with Stanley Tools, the first shirt sponsor specific to the women’s team.

How many times has Barcelona won the Champions League?

Through battles with promotion and relegation, the club won their first league title in 2011, and for the next 4 years won 7 major titles: 4 league titles and 3 Copas de la Reina . Since the club’s professionalization in 2015, Barcelona has become Spain’s most successful team in the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Who are FC Barcelona Femení?

FC Barcelona Femení belongs to one of the four professional football clubs in Spain whose legal entity is not that of a sports corporation ( SAD ), as its ownership rests with its partners, or socis.

What happened to the women’s football team of Barcelona?

In the summer of 2017, the women’s team underwent significant changes. Xavi Llorens stepped down as coach after eleven seasons, in which he won six Copas Catalunya, four Copas de la Reina and four league titles.