Who is Ligue 1’s POTM card for February 2022?

Who is Ligue 1’s POTM card for February 2022?

Here he is, Kylian Mbappe is Ligue 1’s POTM for February 2022, thanks to FUT Sheriff. This card won’t be cheap. Mbappe is arguably the best striker on the game – so this SBC will come at a price.

What is the POTM Player of the month?

Every month, a new Player of the Month (POTM) will be featured. The POTM is chosen based on his real world performance during matches. Once revealed, play POTM Tournament to get POTM Points. Points will carry over each month. When you get enough POTM Points, use it to claim a POTM Player.

What is FIFA Mobile 22 POTM?

FIFA Mobile 22 POTM is here! Every month, based on the previous month’s on-field performances, EA brings a new Player of the Month (POTM) card to FIFA Mobile. This is the newest recurring part of Team of the Week and it is monthly.

What is the POTM tournament in FIFA 20?

POTM Tournament is a part of Division Rivals and you can play it through Division Rivals tab in the home screen. POTM Tournament using VSA Matches system. Play 30 VSA matches and get rewards based on the number of wins. Matchmaking criteria used in the POTM Tournament is based on The Tournament Form. So fans count and OVR doesn’t matter.