Who is the headline performer at the Champions League final?

Who is the headline performer at the Champions League final?

Marshmello has been announced as the headline performer at this year’s UEFA Champions League Final. Chelsea will play Manchester City in this season’s UEFA showpiece, which is set to take place at the Estádio do Dragão in Porto on May 29.

What makes the Champions League final so special?

The World Cup is special, of course, but those are only held every four years. When it comes to annual events, the Champions League final is the must-watch show of the year, especially when you’ve got a matchup like Liverpool vs. Real Madrid.

Will Camila Cabello be at the Champions League final?

The Champions League announcers and pregame show have been revealed by the American broadcaster, and you won’t want to miss it or the Champions League final opening ceremony featuring Camila Cabello. It doesn’t get much bigger than the Champions League final. Sure, there’s the Super Bowl, but that’s only popular in the U.S.

How many fans watch the Champions League final?

Cabello hosted Saturday Night Live earlier this year, but this will be a far larger audience, as Champions League finals are typically viewed by around 400 million fans, four times bigger than the audience for the Super Bowl.