Who stole the World Cup in 2018?

Who stole the World Cup in 2018?

But now, with the 2018 World Cup just 22 days away, our investigation tells for the first time the story behind one of the world’s most notorious thefts. Armed robber Sidney, then 40, stole the trophy with the help of brother Reg, say three independent sources with knowledge of the heist including Reg’s son Gary.

What happened to the FIFA World Cup trophy?

However, arguably one of the game’s greatest storylines, involving mystery, intrigue and an unlikely hero, took place away from the floodlights, featuring a church hall, a ransom note and a loyal dog. On Sunday 20 March 1966, the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy was stolen.

When was the 1966 World Cup trophy stolen?

Since then, every cup-winning skipper has made the same gesture. The trophy was stolen on March 20, 1966, four months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England, during a public exhibition at Westminster Central Hall.

Who stole the Jules Rimet Trophy and why?

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: After a 10-month investigation, the Daily Mirror can reveal the Jules Rimet trophy was stolen by London gangster Sidney Cugullere and his brother Reg – and why they dumped it in a hedge We pay for stories! Send your videos to [email protected]