Why do MLB teams have different prices for each player?

Why do MLB teams have different prices for each player?

The reason for this is manyfold, starting with the basic observation that the equation for an owner to set team prices is dependent many more factors than just his player payroll.

Do player salaries affect ticket prices?

If the data showed a high degree of correlation, we could determine that, for example, an increase in player salaries does also result in an increase in ticket prices. But that wasn’t found. Silver compared year-to-year changes in average ticket price and total player payroll from 2002 to ’03 and found essentially no correlation as well.

Why do football tickets go up in price?

Much like the airline industry re-prices tickets daily to reflect factors such as jet fuel price, ticket prices are adjusted in response to demand and other variables. If an upcoming football game, for example, features a famous opponent or the opposing teams’ significant stars, then ticket prices will rise, as well.

Why do sports teams get so expensive?

Things like the team’s current competitiveness and general popularity, the presence of impactful marketable players, the area in which the team resides, and the general place on the expendable income ladder most of the city’s residents stand can all impact the price, arguably much more than player salaries.