Why is Diego Maradona not in FIFA 22?

Why is Diego Maradona not in FIFA 22?

Diego Maradona, one of the greatest players in soccer – along with the likes of Pele and Zidane – will no longer be available in FIFA 22 due to a third-party legal dispute. Following his passing in 2020, Maradona’s rights have become an ongoing legal battle that puts his involvement in future FIFA games at risk.

What is EA Sports’ case against FIFA All About?

EA Sports made the official announcement after a presentation in the Argentine Justice by the company Sattvica (chaired by lawyer Matías Morla) at the Civil and Commercial Court No. 8. Through it, the firm asked to ban the use and exploitation of the brand and image of its represented in one of the most popular games in the world.

Which national teams are not in FIFA 22?

For instance, four Italian teams — Juventus, Atalanta, AS Roma and Lazio — all appear in FIFA 22, but they are not referred to by their actual names and do not have official kits and badges in the game. EA Sports also had to remove 17 national teams ahead of FIFA 22, including Switzerland and Ivory Coast.