Why is my Fut coin missing from my watch list?

Why is my Fut coin missing from my watch list?

If you used FUT Coins to get an Item from the Transfer Market and your Item is missing from your Watch List, it may just be delayed. There can be a 72-hour delay in getting the Items from the Transfer Market to you. The same is true for FUT Coins after selling an Item on the Transfer Market, sometimes it can take up to 72 hours to receive them.

How do I claim my FIFA Twitch Drop rewards?

Claim your FIFA Twitch Drop rewards. If you still can’t find your Twitch Drop, contact Twitch. Once you’ve tried our basic troubleshooting steps, look for the Pack in your My Packs section of the FUT Store in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

How do I get my FIFA points?

First, confirm your purchase went through by checking your transaction history on the platform you purchased it on. Next, try logging out of FUT and logging back in again. Sometimes the transaction needs an extra push to sync with your account, and logging out and back in again helps the FIFA Points come through to you.

What happens if you don’t get an item in FIFA 21?

After 72 hours passes, check your Watch List to see if your Item appears. If you don’t get the Item after 72 hours, the FIFA game team will try to regrant it to you. If an Item can’t be unstuck, you may get a copy of it instead. You may still see the stuck Item, but you’ll be able to use the copy.