Why is the Champions League so important to Manchester City?

Why is the Champions League so important to Manchester City?

The Champions League represents the ultimate fulfillment not just of Guardiola’s vision, but City’s. It is justification for all of that investment, vindication for all of those ideas, and it is reward for doing all of those things right. There is just one flaw.

How many times has Chelsea won the Champions League?

It has now won the Champions League twice, both times in seasons in which it changed its manager at the slightest hint of disappointment, in seasons when its ultimate triumph made little sense. The Chelsea that was champion of Europe in 2012 was managed by Roberto Di Matteo, who won the trophy without his captain and with a debutante left back.

Why did PSG lose the Champions League?

It lost because Chelsea was the precise opposite. It is only six months since Thomas Tuchel, its coach, was fired by Paris St.-Germain, unable to recover from losing the Champions League final last season.

Why did Real Madrid win the Champions League again?

NBCUniversal Media, LLC Real Madrid won their 14th European title thanks to a Vinicius Junior goal and stellar goalkeeping The European Champion Clubs’ Cup is headed back to Spain’s capital. Real Madrid earned the trophy again on Saturday with a 1-0 victory over Liverpool in Saturday’s UEFA Champions League Final.