Why was hooliganism a problem at the Euro 2000 final?

Why was hooliganism a problem at the Euro 2000 final?

There were concerns that hooliganism would overshadow the finals. Many instances of violence occurred, including several football riots in Rotterdam between 1995 and 1999, which would host the Euro 2000 final. One of the most infamous incidents was the Battle of Beverwijk in 1997.

What was the worst team performance in the euros history?

The Netherlands won the group, by beating France in their last group match. [19] Also in Group D, Denmark’s three losses with eight goals conceded and none scored set a new record for the worst team performance in the group stages of a Euros. Group C was memorable for the match between FR Yugoslavia and Spain.

How many countries were involved in Euro 2000?

The finals of Euro 2000 were co-hosted (the first time this happened) by Belgium and the Netherlands, between 10 June and 2 July 2000. Spain and Austria also bid to host the event. The final tournament was contested by 16 nations. With the exception of the national teams of the hosts, Belgium and the Netherlands,…

What is UEFA Euro 2000 Euro 2000?

UEFA Euro 2000 is the official game of UEFA Euro 2000 football tournament hosted in Belgium and the Netherlands. The game was published by EA Sports and developed by EA Canada. It is available for PC and PlayStation.